New England is well known for its excellent colleges and universities, most of which offer highly accredited continuing education programs.

The competition is fierce for UMASS Lowell’s Division of Online and Continuing Education, which looks to draw from a limited pool of students and maintain or exceed enrollment targets.

In the fall of 2018, the marketing team at UMASS Lowell chose us to help craft targeted messaging for its spring enrollment push, and we responded with a wide range of campaign options, then worked with the internal group at UMASS Lowell to implement creative in digital display and social media ads, as well as collateral materials and direct mail.



Content Focused Ad
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Content Focused Ad

UMASS Lowell’s prior marketing, done in-house, tended to focus on what the school offered—certificates and degrees in IT, Business, Liberal Arts, etc.—and less on the benefits to students, such as career and professional development.

By focusing on the latter, and executing with sharp, simple messaging, we offered the school a fresh new approach, and gave potential students a reason to click and learn more.



Clicks increased over 700%

In Q1 2016 , total account acquisition increased 10% over the same period in 2015. The bank also witnessed a  61% increase  in online checking account openings.

The university witnessed dramatic increases in clicks and online applications, with huge drops in conversion costs.

For example, the campaign targeting business students went from $4.58 per conversion in the spring of 2018 to .36 cents/conversion in 2019. While clicks jumped from 795 to 5,822. The campaign also drove 146 visits to the application landing page compared to 0 in the prior year.

The Masters in IT campaign saw equally impressive results, with a cost-per-conversion of $2.02 versus $18.89 in 2018, and 1,910 clicks compared to 393 in the prior year.

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