In Boston's highly competitive luxury condo market, One Charles was not receiving the same rates per square foot as other properties offering the same levels of quality and prestige. This was mostly due to negative press about an acrimonious lawsuit, which was settled in 2014. 

With litigation behind it, One Charles was ready to get the word out, and they hired us for branding, a new website and PR support.  



While most properties focus on the building, architecture and amenities, we recommended a higher level branding approach based on exclusivity and lifestyle. More akin to a fashion brand than typical real estate marketing.  The goal was to reinvigorate the property's image among Boston's top brokers, as well as residents and potential buyers. 


One Charles launched the very first branded condominium website in Boston, under a tight timeframe and budget. Residents appreciated having a place to share their lifestyle with friends, social networks and prospective buyers. Most importantly, the increase in price per square foot rose over the previous year. On a percentage basis, it was a very strong performance and One Charles completely overcame the disadvantage from the lawsuit which had burdened the building for nearly a decade.


Amy Watt Creative

Magna Technology