Good Health Starts With a Good Home.

We're excited about the completion of our latest video project for Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield in Indianapolis. The video highlights their Blue Triangle pilot program - a "housing first" model based on the premise that a healthy life starts with a decent place to live. We tell the story through Luis, who turned his life around and re-united with his family thanks to the people at Blue Triangle.

Winter Has Arrived!

We are super excited to announce the launch of, our latest website development project. Pollux is the name of a star, a mountain in Switzerland, and a start-up ski guiding outfit dedicated to taking clients on epic outdoor and cultural experiences in the Swiss, French, Austrian and Italian Alps. We spent the last several months working closely with the Pollux team to build out the site and even got to do some "market research" in Austria - which was pretty Wunderbar!


Hiring Experts Hire Us.

Talent Retriever, whose unique outsourced recruiting model is transforming the way companies identify and hire the best people, brought us in for a branding assignment in the spring of 2017. We applied the brand to a new website featuring original photography by Matt Kalinowski Photography of Salem, MA. The site launched at the end of September and the client couldn't be happier. Need to hire great people? Check out Talent Retriever. Need a new website, talk to us!

Big Fish Story

We recently partnered with Steve Pollack Creative Services on new work for The Fishing Partnership, a non-profit dedicated to providing healthcare and other essential services to New England fishermen and their families. Work included posters, email, an event invitation and program book for the organization's 20th anniversary celebration at the Boston Fish Pier this Thursday, September 14.  

New Wave of New Biz

Spring is here and so is a raft of new work. We were recently brought in to collaborate with Harvard Business Review on a new Direct Mail, Digital and Print campaign. Also working with new clients Talent Retriever (Branding & Website), Palu (Website) and BloomBoss (Branding, Website & Digital Marketing). We're partnering with Rattle on a new radio campaign for Boston Harbor Cruises, and just completed radio for long-time client, Camden National Bank

Shaping up to be a busy summer!

We Have Launch

This week, after months of non-stop work that basically yielded the "summer that wasn't," we completed the rebrand and launch of the new Camden National Bank, now Maine's largest financial institution with over $3.5 billion in assets. 

A big thanks to art directors Jeff Williamson and Lisa Mannix whose incredible talent and hard work helped to keep it all together. As well as our friends at HATCH Marketing who worked with us to give shape to the positioning and brand strategy.  

Finally a big THANK YOU to our client and CMO Renee Smyth who never wavered in her belief that we could get it all done and meet every deadline, no matter how aggressive. 

Now on to even bigger and better things! 

Camden National Bank Selects Agency and We're It!

We're excited to announce our new partnership with Camden National Bank, which is in the process of acquiring our long-time client, The Bank of Maine. We'll be working with them and our friends at HATCH Marketing over the next few months on a strategic branding assignment, then developing creative to kick off the new brand. It's a huge and exciting opportunity but our client pretty much summed it up best - "Woot! Woot!"  

In other news - getting ready to shoot a new TV campaign for UMass Lowell's Division of Online and Continuing Education. Great to be working again with our good friend and director Bill Cuccinello at

Also about to roll out new work for Tufts Medical Center, The Professional Alliance and Healthcare Professional Funding. 

Good stuff and looking like a busy summer ahead! 

Must be Doing Something Right

We recently received this note about a TV campaign we finished up in partnership with Rattle: 

"Just thought you would want to know the client tells me the creative has been very well received by the hospital community. She presented it at one point to the entire senior management team (152 people) and they literally applauded. Some even cried.

She received many direct calls from staff telling her how great it was. One young woman called to tell her it was exactly her own story.  

We are clearly making them proud to be associated with their brand. No small accomplishment.

So there you go. Applause. Crying. Exact match to literal life experiences.

 Pretty good. Thanks."

Not to toot our own horn but....

We received this email from our client at The Challenge for Sustainability yesterday:

"Also, I wanted to let you know that I was in a meeting this afternoon with some folks that were brand new to the Challenge program, and one of the first things that really got them excited was how “great our website looked and responded” – I had to pass that along because it was all thanks to the excellent work you and your team did and I can’t tell you how pleased we are with the end result."

Three New Campaigns in the Works

We're finishing out what's been a "digital" year with three new campaigns for traditional advertising clients. Our friends at Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding in Thomaston, ME are kicking off 2015 with some new print work, and our B2B client, Illuminate, just signed on for two full-page ads targeting sales training clients in the pharma, biotech and medical device industries. In addition, we're partnering with Rattle on a new campaign for Signature Healthcare and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. We'll be rolling out TV, radio, print and direct mail for a mid-February launch. Hopefully it's all a sign of a busy and productive year to come....


8 BEACON Teams With the Challenge for Sustainability

In June of 2014 we won a branding and website development assignment from the Challenge for Sustainability, a Boston based non-profit dedicated to working with property owners and businesses to help them adopt sustainability practices and make Boston a leading "green" economy.

In November we launched their new site, built on the Wordpress platform and featuring a number of new tools and resources. It was a great collaboration culminating in yesterday's kickoff event in downtown Boston.