Left Brain:

8 Beacon Partners is a network of seasoned marketing and advertising professionals with deep experience in everything from design and copywriting to strategic planning, digital marketing, PR and social media. 

We have worked for some of the leading agencies in Boston, and beyond, producing award-winning campaigns and advising major brands as diverse as Timberland, BMW of North America, Comcast and Nextel. 

By matching the right resources to each individual client’s need, we deliver a high level of focus, creativity and service without the cost structure of traditional agencies. 

Talk to us about developing a cohesive and effective marketing platform that fosters engagement, drives results and builds your brand. 

Right Brain:

We offer a refreshing alternative to traditional "brick & mortar" agencies. To begin with we don’t have any brick, or mortar, or a swanky address in the South End of Boston. 

The popular term for what we are is a “virtual” agency, although we’re actual people who’ve done and continue to do great work for real, honest-to-goodness clients

Someone recently described us as a “networked” agency. Ok, we’ll go with that. 

The bottom line is we offer clients a unique blend of creativity, smart strategic thinking and service so attentive we make the house staff on Downton Abbey look like slackers. 

And because we don’t pay exorbitant fees for office space or a receptionist, we can give you all of the above at a pretty competitive price (which is not to say cheap - we still got our pride here).  


A few more reasons to call us about your next campaign: 

  • Everyone you’ll work with has held a senior position at a leading agency.
  • We form a team around your needs, not our desire to build a portfolio or win awards (although that’s always nice too). 
  • We won’t bring in the Big Guns to pitch your business, then saddle you with a junior team. 
  • We return your calls, respect your time and get things done when we say we will.