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We cut our teeth creating and producing TV spots, print ads and radio for national brands. There was a time when that was pretty much all you needed to do. Now it's really important to get the basics of Internet and search marketing right almost before you do anything else. After all, the Web is where customers go first to find and research the brands, products and services they want. We work with clients to build and optimize strategically focused Web marketing campaigns including paid and organic search, retargeting and analytics.                                                                    

Search Engine Optimization

What good is a beautiful Website if no one can find it? SEO is an evolving set of tools and best practices you can employ to attract attention - and rank higher in search results. 

Think of a web crawler as a plane flying at night. Down below there are lights on the ground and that big cluster of lights in the distance is a site that's been optimized to get noticed by the web crawler flying above. Effective SEO lights up the lights - and it's no longer just about terms and keywords embedded in your copy. That's old school. These days Google looks for activity - lots of activity. Visitor traffic, absolutely. But also links back to your site from social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+, as well as blogs and media properties that publish content about your business, from the trade pubs to the New York Times. The more your site is referenced, linked to and visited, the more lights you switch on and the more visible you become. 


Paid Search, aka Pay-Per-Click

If you've ever wondered how Google became so big, so fast, you haven't learned about Pay-Per-Click advertising. PPC is hot because it's basically a win-win. You only pay when users visit your site after typing specific search terms, clicking on a display banner, or a YouTube pre-roll ad. And Google (or Yahoo or Bing) make money from the billions of clicks per day for which they charge.

Good for you, good for them. 

Creating a PPC program is free on Google and fairly simple. The trick is maintaining and optimizing your campaigns to achieve higher click-through rates. This takes ongoing analysis, as well as updates to your copy and creative to keep your advertising fresh and appealing.  


Site Optimization


So you get people to your site - now what? You need to give them a reason to hang around and take action -  not click away after one or two page views. 

It's basically about shepherding visitors through a series of actions that lead to a purchase, a sign-up or a free content download. At which point you've captured their information and can follow up with highly targeted direct marketing. (The technical term is lead gen). 

"An average bounce rate is about 50%, meaning that about half of people who land on your website pages leave and don't come back." - Mashable

A site that's optimized to keep people engaged, and coming back, is well designed, clearly communicates a tangible benefit, does a good job of telling your brand story, and has lots of new, engaging and relevant content for people to access and share. 



Ever visit a site then start noticing ads from that company wherever you go on the Internet? That's retargeting (aka remarketing) and it's highly effective because you reach people who've already shown interest in your product or service.

To start retargeting, Google provides a simple code that you embed on your site. You can also use different codes on different pages of your site. If you're a bank, for instance, you might have one code for your pages dedicated to mortgage lending and another code for those areas of your site focused on checking accounts.

When a customer visits a page, the code tracks them as they browse other sites on the Web and voila! Your ads for mortgages, checking accounts or frozen pizzas magically appear. What's not to love?  


eMail Marketing 

Done right, eMail can be a useful and highly effective pillar of your digital strategy. 

Successful eMail marketing starts with an appealing design template you can easily customize with offers or useful content. Naturally, the design should follow your brand look and feel.

It continues with testing, testing and more testing. Come up with a handful of offers, variations on content or calls to action. Try splitting your list into various segments and test your offers against each segment. You can further customize by subject line, sender info, copy and more.

See this article on the Obama 2012 campaign's highly successful eMail strategy.

Because it's so quick, customizable and measurable, eMail is a great research tool for broader direct marketing strategies, allowing you to hone and craft your messages in real time - before you commit resources to bigger campaigns. 


Web Video

It's no secret that Web video is exploding, and for good reason. Humans are, well, human - and would much rather engage with moving pictures and sound than text.

Still, the facts are mind blowing. By almost every measure - search ranking, conversion, click-through rates - video outperforms all other strategies on the Web. And it's growing exponentially. But why read this when you can watch a video? Check it out:  

With years of experience creating and producing work that moves, we know how to make your brand come to life with a click of the play button. Just because you're posting video on the Web doesn't mean you need to settle for low production values or uninspired creative. 

Let us show you how to make beautiful video that builds your brand and enhances your online presence. 


PR & Social Media 

It's hard to believe, but only a few short years ago social media marketers were boldly going where no-one had gone before, experimenting with the powerful potential of customers and prospects not just receiving communications, but actively participating in the conversation. 

These days, if you don't have a social presence, you're conspicuous for your absence. Your audience is on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social sites - and they'll notice if you're not. Just as importantly, Google will notice, and punish your brand with lower search rankings. 

Check out these stats for Facebook alone. 

We combine years of big agency PR experience serving B2B and consumer brands with a deep understanding of the evolving social media landscape to offer clients:

  • Social media strategy and execution
  • Integrated marketing communications strategy and execution
  • Corporate and crisis communications planning, strategy and execution
  • Content creation and marketing